Free School Meals and Clothing Grants for Midlothian Council – Update

Click on this link for updated information on free school meals and clothing grants from Midlothian Council.

Payment – Paid to Bank Accounts

Easter Holiday Payment

Thursday 7th April 2022

P1-S6 Monday 11th April 2022 to Friday 22nd April 2022
Β£21.00 per Primary pupil
Β£23.00 per Secondary pupil

Scottish Child Payment Bridging Payments

Thursday 7th April 2022
Β£130 per pupil for those eligible for Free School Meals P1-S6

Children and young people receiving universal Free School Meal provision – i.e. those in P1-P5 who would not qualify for Free School Meals on low income criteria – are not eligible.

It will only cover pupils currently eligible and applications received up until 8th April 2022 which are subsequently approved. Any payments not made by 7th April 2022 because applications have not yet been completed or approved will be paid by 30th April 2022.