Equipped for Learning – 1:1 Digital Devices

Midlothian Council provide every school-age pupil living in Midlothian with a learning device (iPad or Google Chromebook) as part of the Council’s £10.5 million investment in digital learning. This programme is called ‘Equipped for Learning’. At Hawthornden Primary 1 have i-Pads and Primary 2-6 have Google Chromebooks. This programme benefits young people and our staff by:

  • Providing a safe, secure and inclusive learning environment that all school age pupils can access equally.

  • Giving pupils the tools to take greater control of their learning with the ability to access materials on their device at anytime from anywhere.

  • Technically supporting the opportunities and demands of remote learning.

  • Using the platform Google Workspace – popular across many industries – to help pupils and staff develop digital skills for life and work.

To find out more click on the link to Midlothian’s Equipped for Learning website:


There is a section for ‘Support for Families’ which might answer some of your questions.