Activity Week at Hawthornden

In the final week of the school year we had activity week. It was a lot of fun for everyone at Hawthornden, including staff! We would like to thank the PTG for sponsoring this. Watch the video to see what happened at Hawthornden!

Duck Race!

On Friday 31st March 2023 there will be a duck race held in each class. To enter the race, buy a duck for 50p by Thursday 30th March! Each class will have their own winner and there is a prize for and trophy for the class that sells the most ducks!

The ducks have been having a pre-race warm up in the Zen Den!

Midlothian Council – Making the Most of the 1:1 Digital Device

Midlothian’s Digital Inclusion and Learning Team are pleased to offer webinars that will focus on what you can do to help keep your child safe online and how you can support your child to get the most out of his/her device. 

The remaining webinars will be held 7-8pm on the following dates:

There are also a range of resources you can access via Hawthornden’s website on digital safety: Digital Online Safety